„Day of the Family“ 2017 from Travel Management for Sensata Technologies

„Day of the Family“ 2017 from Travel Management for Sensata Technologies

When a company cares for its employees and their loved ones, it organizes “A Family Day” with Travel Management. Over 2 000 people took part in the many games and entertainment activities prepared by our team. The warm weather was of help for turning the event into a real feast for all of Sensata Technologies. On 26 August we celebrated with the company employees from Sofia and Botevgrad and on the next day – 27 August, with all their colleagues and their families from Plovdiv.

A special guest was Uti Bachvarov and his travelling cooking theatre. An attraction was the biggest cauldron and BBQ. For all guests and, of course, with the participation of many of them the inexhaustible Uti prepared various tasty dishes.

A wonderful feast with the numerous family of Sensata Technologies and Travel Management. We thank you for the trust you placed in us to organize again these two special and unforgettable days.


Sensata Technologies is an international company for development, production and sale of sensors and control systems for the automobile, aircraft construction, ship building, military, heavy freight, telecommunication industry, etc.

The manufacturer is present in 11 countries on 4 continents and Bulgaria is the biggest location of Sensata in Europe. Here it has two plants for production of automobile sensors – in Botevgrad and near Plovdiv, as well as a business centre and a test laboratory in Sofia.