Business simulation "The pipeline" with Travel Management

Business simulation "The pipeline" with Travel Management

Business simulation is a tool for development of decision-making abilities, as well as for distribution of the activities in a team.

By „The pipeline” business simulation offered by Travel Management you can place the participants in a situation fully reflecting the dynamics of the processes and events in the daily routine of a team.

By using of a business simulation you can help your team improve certain skills, such as:

  • Innovative and creative thinking;
  • Resolution of problems and conflicts;
  • Teamwork;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Project planning and management;

The participants in a business simulation must resolve a particular challenge with specific parameters within a limited period of time. Demonstration of different coping approaches, testing skills, individual contributions and work in a team – these are only a part of the elements you will find in a business simulation.

In „The pipeline” programme the primary task is to improve the synergy in the organization and interaction between the team members and increase the collective contribution to the company success.