Business simulation

Business simulation is an imitation of the management of the real business process, organization or competitor companies. This programme is used mainly for the purpose of enhancing the qualification of the team. This is achieved by employment of strategic, market or operational analysis, logical and creative thinking and decision-making. Meanwhile, work is done for the development of personal skills, such as cooperation or conducting negotiations.

The pipeline

How important is the role of every department in a company for the achievement of the ultimate purpose?

We may look for the answer through the business simulation “The Pipeline”. The purpose is every team to build up properly its piece of a common water supply pipeline from which water should flow. Every loss on the way of the water decreases the final result.

Will you together succeed to achieve the ultimate purpose? Welcome to see!


Giant Puzzle

What is the role of effective communication in an organization?

We can understand that by the programme “Giant Puzzle”. The purpose is every team to draw its own part of a unique picture specially prepared for you. No doubt, you have already guessed that this means every team to draw one of the pieces of the “Big picture”.

The team are provided with all necessary drawing materials and aids but they have limited information. Only good communication and coordination between the teams will result in success.

Ready projects are framed and may be placed in the office for a long-term motivating effect.