Evening programmes

How to add value to your corporate party or a business dinner. Most employees usually don’t know anyone outside their branches or departments. Their wish is only to tick that event off the list and leave at the earliest possibility. That is why it is good to have some good ideas on your side of how to keep the balance and the good mood during the evening.

Karaoke Superstar

Have you ever had that unforgettable moment when the spotlights are all over you and your star stage?

Have you ever wanted to take the microphone and feel like a star, even for a little?

How agitated will be the applause of the public?

You can understand by participating in “Karaoke Superstar”.

4 teams + 3 rounds + entertaining rules + songs, dance, props = unforgettable experience

The stage is waiting for you. The microphone is yours! 


How to make you evening party or dinner amusing and different?

How to break the ice?

How to provoke a conversation with the colleagues from the other department?

Our “Quiz” specially prepared for you will be of help.

Participants can answer a series of questions in 5 different categories.

Order your “Quiz” to see who will answer all questions?