Creative team buildings

The creative team building programmes are used for groups of different sectors. If you want to challenge your colleagues, you can think of that kind of creative activities as a way of building a team.

Build an Igloo

Is it easy to build an igloo?

Probably not! Don’t worry, we assure you that with the help of our instructors you will find it very easy to perform the task.

Are you ready to take that challenge?

We provide you with all necessary materials and priceless know-how which allows you to build up the house of snow in the best possible way. The rest depends on you. The "Build an Igloo" programme is a possibility to test handiness, to measure physical strength, check on interpersonal relations and cooperation. It is suitable for any kind of business.

And now it’s time for the weather forecast: „When will it snow?"


Purpose: every team must prepare its own “thematic” part of the large LEGO World of the company.

The projects may be 2D or 3D depending on the requirements of the client. Each team works on a different part of a common project.

Categories may be: company values, products and services, current campaign, the topic of the event, etc.

At the end of the programme all parts are assembled and the result is analysed. The miniature model may be placed in the company office.