Culinary team buildings

Our culinary programmes for team building are among the most popular and effective modern practices for uniting employees, We offer many corporate events focused on feeding. All these are intended for nurturing the minds and hearts, and the stomach of course. The menu includes teams, challenger, journeys throughout world cuisine and different unique experiences. 

Sushi Team Building

The Sushi Team Building is a combination of culinary and art. We show not only the quality of the sushi but also the opportunity for the participants to touch the magic of this art. We combine flavors and fragrances to achieve perfection in a bite.

The goal is to show as many people as possible the passion with which sushi is being prepared. We realize this team building thanks to a mobile sushi bar.

Star Chefs

Have you ever dreamed of cooking with any of the most famous chefs in Bulgaria?

Chef Manchev, Chef Andre Tokev, Chef Radi Stambolov, Uti Bachvarov, Leo Bianchi and many other star anchors of culinary broadcasts on television will present to you different author recipes and cooking techniques you can try. In the company of the colleagues and in the “kitchen” of breath-taking nature you will have to prepare your “star” lunch or “star” dinner.

...what follows is an unforgettable meal with the colleagues which will have a long-term motivating effect at the workplace.

The Puzzle Cake™

Do you like puzzles? Do you enjoy eating cakes? Would you like to combine both things? The preparation of a puzzle cake is the most suitable activity for you!
Your task is to prepare an individual part of the puzzle cake on which the company logo is inscribed, a slogan of the event or another vision specially prepared for you.

The culmination is the assembling of the puzzle and analysis of the result. And as a final – the enjoyment and the tasty cake!