Art team buildings

Think about the time when you took part in a creative exercise. That feeling that you are engaged with what you are doing – now, at this very moment. When you are choosing a well-organized programme, you have the opportunity to once again feel the joy of the experience. And the best of it is that you will share that feeling with the whole team.


Let's Dance

How many Bulgarian “horo” dances can you dance?

„Let's Dance“ is an interactive activity by which in an amusing way participants easily learn dance movements from the Bulgarian national folklore. You will have the possibility to choose between eight Bulgarian folklore horo dances from three folklore areas

The dance puzzle entertainingly and amusingly provokes the interest of players to folklore dancing. It enables easy and quick learning of main movements from the Bulgarian national folklore.

The powerful effect of „Let's Dance“ is driven by the leading role of the coaches – a professional choreographer - pedagogue with over 15 years of experience and co-rehearsal dances with over 6 years of experience in folklore dancing.

The Atelier

Are you ready to dive into the world of art?

In our Atelier programmes you can become acquainted with the following types of art:

Fine art; wood carving and modelling

You will go through the following stages: A lecture by a professional, Practical part and Group work

The finished products may be placed in shared parts of the office for a long-term motivating effect.