Sports team buildings

Undoubtedly, sport is one of the ways for developing a strong bond between the members of a team. The way one interacts with another player may have an impact on the effectiveness of the team, and thus on the overall success of the company. Sports team building is an excellent choice when the purpose is to build a dynamic team which achieves peak performance against competition. A team which plays with enthusiasm, confidence and shared purposes, both on the sports field and outside it.

Smooth Transition

Do you need something refreshing?
Do you want to spend unforgettable time with your colleagues in the open air?
Are you interested in experiencing the Smooth Transition phenomenon?
Become a part of our amusing Smooth Transition team buildings.

You will have the possibility to enjoy driving the latest models of Eco-carts at a place we have chosen not only because of the excellent driving conditions but also because of the possibility for perfect entertainment. On your way you will have to cope with yet many other challenges we have prepared for you.

What is required from you? Only being in good mood!

Team Orienteering

Do you want to achieve orientation skills in an unknown area?
If your answer is YES, then the ” Team Orienteering” programme will help you do it.

You will go through the following two stages:

  • A technical presentation for orientation with a map and compass;
  • A practical part for orientation with a map and compass;

The end point is the “Base camp” for check-up of the team results of the collected control lanterns